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Image for Savage Earth

Savage Earth

By: N/A

Price: £12.50

Publisher: London, Harper Collins: 1997

Edition: First Edition

Sellers ID: 01360

Avery intresting book on natural events cover slightly curled on top and bottom of d/w. View more info

Image for The Big Cats and Their Fossil Relatives

The Big Cats and Their Fossil Relatives

By: Antón, Mauricio; Alan Turner

Price: £18.00

Publisher: USA, Columbia University Press: 1997

Edition: 2nd Printing

Sellers ID: 03589

This extensively illustrated book is an exposition of the origins, diversification, and adaptations of the larger- bodied members, extant and extinct of the cat family. The text also allows readers to understand the big cats' place in nature, occurrence and preservation in the fossil record. There is edge wear to the hardboards edges, top and base, and the D/W also has edge ware to its edges with some small tears to the base and wear to the corners, it is also starting t... View more info

British Grasses and their Employment in Agriculture

By: Armstrong M.A. S. F.

Price: £12.50

Publisher: UK, Cambridge University Press: 1950

Edition: 7th edition

Sellers ID: 02221

This book as been well read the green boards are marked and bumped on the corners the spine shows wear at the top and bottom and the title lettering is faded on the spine there is a dedication in ink on the fep.The pages are still tight and clean. View more info

Image for The Eternal Darkness

The Eternal Darkness

By: Ballard, Robert D.; Hively, Will

Price: £15.00

Publisher: U.S.A., Princeton University Press: 2000

Edition: 1st Edition

Sellers ID: 02784

Until a few decades ago, the ocean depths were almost as mysterious and inaccessible as outer space. Oceans cover two-thirds of the earth's surface with an average depth of more than two miles -yet humans had never ventured more than a few hundred feet below the waves. One of the great scientific and archaeological feats of our time has been to finally to cast light on the 'eternal darkness' of the deep sea. This is the story of that achievement , told by the man who has... View more info

Through the Telescope a Guide for the Amateur Astronomer

By: Barnes-svarney, Patricia .L

Price: £12.50

Publisher: New York, Magraw Hill: 2000

Edition: First Edition

Sellers ID: 00505

From the very close to her far reaches of space,Through the Telescope presents a uniquely " user friendly" view of the universe, and offers both novice and advanced astronomers some of the best tools available to watch the night sky.There are creases to the top and bottom corners on the back of the book. View more info


By: Bell's Richard

Price: £12.50

Publisher: London, William Collins &Sons & co Ltd: 1981

Edition: First Edition

Sellers ID: 00007

A lovely country book full full of the authors coloured sketches. This is a 1st Edition secondhand book with brown hardcovers , which are in very good condition. The dustwrapper as a slight tear on the back top corner and a little damage to the bottom of the back cover otherwise in good order. View more info

Image for Beyond: Visions Of The Interplanetary Probes

Beyond: Visions Of The Interplanetary Probes

By: Benson, Michael

Price: £30.00

Publisher: USA, Harry N. Abrams: 2003

Edition: 1st Edition

Sellers ID: 03561

In the past four decades, the small squadron of robots that have been launched to explore the Solar System has produced an eye openly visionary body of work, one that easily ranks with the greatest achievements of landscape photography. This book pulls together the most spectacular images from the history of robotic space exploration to create an awe inspiring visual narrative journey through the planets. The D/W shows light shelf wear to its corners and edge and light ... View more info

Image for A Short History Of Nearly Everything

A Short History Of Nearly Everything

By: Bill Bryson

Price: £16.50

Publisher: Canada, Doubleday Canada Limited: 2003

Edition: 1st Edition

Sellers ID: 03753

Bill Bryson takes his ultimate journey - into the most intriguing and consequential questions that science seeks to answer. Its a dazzling quest, the intellectual odyssey of a lifetime. The d/w shows light shelf wear. View more info

The secret country.

By: Bord Janet, Colin Bord.

Price: £12.50

Publisher: London UK, BCA: 1977

Edition: British First Edition

Sellers ID: 02066

all about the standing stones of the British isles and other ancient sites.The top is slightly foxed on pages and nibbling on top edge of cover .Illustration in black and white. View more info

Image for Into Orbit

Into Orbit

By: By the severn Astronauts of Project Mercury.

Price: £15.00

Publisher: UK, Cassell & Co: 1962

Edition: 1st Edition

Sellers ID: 02024

This book has the usual wear and tear to the corners and light tanning to the price boards , the page edges are tanned with some staining, the price on the front flap as been inked out, there is some staining to the back flap and the corners of the d/w shows signs of wear. Don't be fooled by the above condition of the book , this is a perfectly readable copy of the early days of space flight. View more info

Image for Dinosaur Systematics Approaches of Perspective.

Dinosaur Systematics Approaches of Perspective.

By: Carpenter Kenneth and Philip J. Curry.

Price: £25.00

Publisher: Cambridge University Press.: 1990

Edition: First Edition

Sellers ID: 00097

This volume will serve has a hand book for furthur reseach into Dinosaurs Systematics and be a valuable addition to the bookshelves of vetebrate paleontologists and their graduate students.This is a secondhand book in very good condition as is the dustwrapper. View more info

Image for R.J. Corbins: Travels of a Bothy Boy

R.J. Corbins: Travels of a Bothy Boy

By: Corbin, R.J & Jen Green

Price: £50.00

Publisher: UK, Potting Shed Publications: 2007

Edition: 1st Edition

Inscription: Signed by Author(s)

Sellers ID: 03601

Now in his ninth decade, Robert Corbin's " Travels of a Bothy Boy" makes fascinating reading not only for amateur and professional gardeners but also for everyone who cares about the natural environment. It is also an acknowledgement of his major contribution to the environmental wellbeing of London life . This number 512 of 1000 limited edition. A good clean and tight copy. View more info

Our Own Worst Enemy

By: Dixon,Norman .F.

Price: £12.50

Publisher: London, Jonathan Cape: 1987

Edition: First Edition

Sellers ID: 01367

An important book for psychologists, and also historians.An absorbing, perceptive and often very funny study in human frailty.The authors conclusions are stimulating and almost invariably provocative. View more info

Image for History from the Earth : An Introduction to Archaeology

History from the Earth : An Introduction to Archaeology

By: Forde-Johnston, J

Price: £15.00

Publisher: UK., BCA: 1974

Edition: Book Club Edition

Sellers ID: 02463

This survey of archaeology gives a clear picture of the extent of the subject in time and space, and provides the necessary information which is required for more specialized study. This book shows signs of use on the d/w which as a faded spine and creased edges. View more info

Image for Whittle: The True Story

Whittle: The True Story

By: Golley, John

Price: £15.00

Publisher: UK, Airlife Publishing Ltd: 1987

Edition: 1st Edition

Sellers ID: 03053

Sir Frank Whittle was a technical prodigy, whose foresight in the 1920's enabled him to visualise aircraft flying at speeds and heights hitherto undreamed of, powered by his totally new kind of engine: a gas turbine whose sole objective was to produced a jet of hot gas. Yet therein lay the seeds of years of bitter struggle, against self interested MInistry officials and , later, against unscrupulous industrialists. There is a signature ( not the author) in ink on the fro... View more info